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Empower your workforce with Intentional Learning! Our Rockstar learning system is a proven method for identifying and developing skills, boosting knowledge, and improving organizational performance. Our evidence based training program development model identifies the vital few skills that matter to support students and improve outcomes. Intentional Learning offers online professional development courses, hybrid upskilling programs and one-on-one mentoring for managers, administrators, staff, and faculty. The following are a few of our programs designed to hone in skills, enhance human performance, and unlock new opportunities within your organization.

Online - Hybrid - Onsite Workshops:


Faculty Development


Rockstar teaching inspires learning and transform lives. The Rockstar teaching courses equips faculty with the resources and knowledge to foster a dynamic and enriching learning environment to retain students. Online courses and onsite workshops include:

  • Creating Learning Plans that Inspire

  • Deliberate practice – Apply Learning to Make it Stick

  • Teaching with Technology to Enhance Learning

  • Confidence Building Feedback

  • Motivating and Engaging Students for Retention

  • How to Create Inspirational Lectures to Accelerate Learning


A certificate of completion is issued to all participants. Contact Dr. Banks for more information on in-person workshops and professional development workshops. Participants who complete all modules will earn their Rockstar Teaching Certificate.

Student Success Coaches/Academic Advisors

  •  Are You Ok? - Building Relationships and Trust

  •  Helping Students with Stress, Anxiety, and other Challenges

  •  You are Not Alone - Knowing When and Where to Refer Students 

  •  The Power of You - Coaching Skills to Empower Students


  • Coach for Performance

  • Goal Setting

  • Teaming and Coloration

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Communication

Contact us to learn how we can design and deliver human performance programs to improve outcomes through our evidence-based development model.

Who We Are

Our professional development training is focused on improving skills that matter. Through an evidence-based approach, our team has identified the vital few skills that matter in the area of admissions, student success, and teaching. Intentionally learn skills to expand your impact!  From administrative skills to technology training, our team offers staff, faculty, and employees’ skill-based training to excel in their roles..

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